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Public Consultations

Public Consultations - Cities and Dates
Canberra - Monday, 17 May
Sydney/Chatswood - Wednesday, 19 May
Sydney/Parramatta - Thursday, 20 May
Perth - Monday 24 May
Darwin - Tuesday 25 May
Brisbane - Thursday 27 May
Melbourne - Tuesday 1 June
Hobart - Wednesday 2 June
Adelaide - Thursday 3 June

If you would like to be involved, please call 1800 062 458 or email

Public Consultations on Australia’s Demographic Challenges

In February this year, the Treasurer released a paper on Australia’s demographic challenges. It raised important issues about how we face a range of challenges over the coming years as the ageing of our population leads to increased demand for services like health and aged care. The Intergenerational Report released by the Government in 2002 projects that, as a result of these and other cost pressures, total expenditures by the Australian Government will significantly exceed the amount raised in taxes in forty years time.

To meet these challenges, we will need to consider issues like: how to improve workforce participation; how to keep the workforce healthy and skilled; who will be in the workforce; will current working arrangements suit workers in the future; and will current retirement arrangements continue to suit us. These are issues which affect all Australians, whether you are working or not working, young or old, an employer, a single parent or a retiree. The decisions we make today will affect the kind of Australia that we and future generations will live in. The time to start preparing is now.

Written submissions from the public were sought when Australia’s Demographic Challenges was released in February. To encourage further community participation in this important matter, public consultations are being held in each capital city in Australia throughout May and June. If you would like to be involved, please call 1800 062 458 or visit the website If you are unable to attend these consultations but would like to contribute, you can still lodge a written submission at or by mail to Australia’s Demographic Challenges, Social Policy Division, The Treasury, Langton Crescent, PARKES ACT 2600. Written submissions are sought by 14 May.